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Rakshit Desai, Managing Director, FCM Travel Solutions India, Flight Centre Travel Group Australia's Indian subsidiary, answers your questions on Travel - how-tos, trends, recommendations and more, as featured in ET Panache Travel, an accompaniment to Economic Times.


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July 2019

While in Madrid, start lining up ahead of time at the Reina Sofia and Prado museums to save on your travelling spends as both have some free visit hours.
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May 2019

The Vegas Strip is reputed to be the brightest spot on Earth when seen from space due to the concentration of lights on its hotels and casinos.
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April 2019

The Sydney Harbour Bridge carries eight traffic lanes, two rail tracks, a walkway and a bicycle path, along with a set of stairs to the centre of the arc.
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Feb 2019

To commute between cities in Japan, a Rail Pass can be purchased online before even landing in the country, which can be used for bullet trains as well.
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Jan 2019

Mauritius is home to spectacular underwater 'waterfall'. The phenomenon is actually only an optical illusion caused by the runoff of sand and silt.