Restarting your travel programme after COVID-19

Corporate Traveller is #ByYourSide
In today's world, heightened security threats, civil unrest, geopolitical instability and viral outbreaks are a reality faced by many organizations. With travel risk and safety concerns impacting both travelers and their companies, it’s more important than ever to have a TMC that stands by your side. 

At Corporate Traveler we want to guide you through these challenging times. That's why we’ve created a series of webinars, guides and more to help you understand how the current global crisis has changed business travel, and how to go about re-starting your travel program after COVID-19.

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Corporate Traveller is #ByYourSide

At Corporate Traveller we believe in building a better world, one trip at a time. While the current global situation prevents this, we want to let you know that we’re in this together - that we’re by your side today, tomorrow and when the world starts travelling again.

So once lockdowns are lifted and the ‘new’ normal begins, know that we’ll be ready and waiting to help you and your business get moving again.

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Coronavirus Update!

Coronavirus updates and resources

Looking for the latest COVID-19 updates? As the situation continues to develop, get up-to-date travel information and advice via our coronavirus information hub. Here you’ll find the latest travel restrictions, resources to ensure your travellers’ safety and answers to our most frequently asked questions – all in one place.  

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#ByYourSide Webinar Series

#ByYourSide webinar series

From lockdowns to border closures, COVID-19’s impact on the travel industry has been unprecedented and uncertain. Get the inside track with our new webinar series where we’ll explore the biggest issues currently facing the business travel industry. 

From unpacking the impact on travel risk management plans and technologies to exploring how companies can embrace a post-coronavirus ‘new normal’, we’ll be joined by some of the world’s leading brands as they share their experiences, challenges and insights into managing travel during the COVID-19 crisis.


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