Case Study: Saama Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd


Saama is an advanced clinical data analytics company producing crucial insights from data for over 20 years, giving their life science partners the power to see around corners while making confident business decisions for better business outcomes. They got Corporate Traveller on board in February 2017. With their head office in San Francisco, Saama in India were mostly availing Air Travel through two TMCs.


With their head office in San Francisco, Saama’s main challenge was international long stay, specifically in SFO. For any hotel request, they had to work it out through the head office. This was a major concern as they were not only facing cost challenges but communicating with their SFO office was also time consuming due to major time difference.


Once Corporate Traveller team realised these issues, they suggested to come on board with a plan to manage their corporate travel. Corporate Traveller reviewed Saama’s booking pattern and offered suggestions on various accommodation options including serviced apartments for long stay and hotels which were cost effective and easy to book.


After proving their potential and providing cost effective results, Corporate Traveller gradually started doing majority of Saama’s travel bookings. They soon became Saama’s preferred vendor. Saama was able to save more than 10% on their annual spent because of Corporate Traveller’s hotel program.