We will give you the facts


We will give you the facts

To make the right decisions for your business and travellers you need accurate, reliable and timely information. You need the facts. 

Our unparalleled wealth of data means we can provide real insight into changing market conditions. With the strength of the Flight Centre Travel Group behind us, we commit to sharing this information with you and providing the strategic, evidenced-based recommendations you need to move your business forward. 

We will also provide full visibility of all your booking options so you can choose what’s best for you.


Domestic Travel Advisory 

Latest Updates and Guidelines
Looking for up to date information on domestic air travel and quarantine rules? Our priority is to ensure you are kept informed on the latest updates and guidelines concerning domestic travel during these times. Follow our travel advisory which summaries the current rules and regulations pertaining to domestic air travel and quarantine protocols for different states.


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Easy access to the latest information

When you’re planning a business trip, you need the best information at your fingertips. That’s why our traveller information hub contains the latest air, hotel, and border updates from across the globe, an interactive map to help you assess your destination’s risk, and chatbot assistance for any further questions.

Fully integrated into Sam:] and Your.CT, our traveller hub gives you the information you need at the touch of a button.   

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State of the Market Survey

State of the Market Survey: When will we start travelling again?

To travel or not to travel? That’s the question being asked around the globe right now. To get to the heart of what people really want, we asked our customers and clients from around the world to give us their perspective on when travel will return.


'Ask The Travel Experts webinar

What will be the state of business travel post COVID-19? How is the industry preparing to keep travellers safe? Take a look at how some of our industry experts respond to the most pressing questions about the future of business travel



We will support you with expertise

As the world re-opens, businesses will need to navigate their way to recovery and position themselves to be ready for the next step. That’s where our consultative approach comes in. We’re constantly reviewing government policies, supplier updates and trends, so that you can make real-time decisions, support your travellers and address your travel programme adjustments.

We will remove the pain of change

In times of change, speed and flexibility are key. That’s why we’ve been working hard to create a simple, smooth implementation process that supports you all the way. So, if you need to switch from your current travel management company, we promise to make the changeover as simple and pain-free as possible. We’ve been through challenges before, we deliver stability and these pledges are our guarantee to you.

Ready to get back to business?

We can help you restart your travel programmes and move forward with confidence. Ask us how.