You shouldn't have to choose between safety or savings


Safety or savings? Pick any two.

It's true that the landscape of business travel has changed drastically. COVID-19 sure has changed the game – possibly forever.

The thing is, we are now living – and travelling – in a time when ‘average’ just won't do. For our world to grow back safer, we need to travel smarter, easier and safer. We're all in the same boat here: eager to move on from the dreaded pandemic, yet not the same as we were before. The world has changed, and so have we.

When we book our next journey, these four factors will be non-negotiable for peace of mind:

1. The comfort of the familiar

We’ve all been through a lot. Little wonder that we’re not exactly up for too many surprises right now. That’s why many of us want to visit familiar places, stay in familiar hotels and eat the foods we know and love. We also need to know exactly what to expect when it comes to a destination’s health and safety measures. For once, tried and trusted is best!

2. Consistent reassurance

When it comes to safety, we want to know anything and everything from social distancing to border regulations to cleaning protocols and entry restriction. Travel partners need to have all this info handy and share it in a calm, reassuring way. Digital Health Passports and Contactless technologies will be a cherry on top!

3. The convenience of flexibility

Change fees were so last season. We need to know that we can react quickly and change our plans at the drop of a hat when an area becomes unsafe. We also may need help changing locations and plans. Like, yesterday.

4. Keeping it green

Lockdown may have been tough on us, but Mother Nature is smiling from ear to ear. With emissions about 8% lower than a year ago, we're talking clear skies, cleaner seas and happy wildlife. And we'd like to keep it that way, even when we travel.

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