Case Study: Rexnord

Rexnord case study


Headquartered in Milwaukee, Rexnord is a concentrated multiplatform industrial leader with exceptional and trusted brands that serve a diverse array of global end markets with mechanical engineering solutions. Their Process & Motion Control platform supplies highly engineered mechanical and digi-mechanical component solutions for complex production systems where reliability is critical, and the costs of failure or downtime are high. Additionally, their Water Management platform supplies a wide range of advanced water system solutions that enhance and ensure quality, safety, flow control and conservation in and around non-residential buildings.


Rexnord came on board with Corporate Traveller in 2016 who has been providing them with all kinds of corporate travel services. In March 2019, Rexnord’s travel desk got an email to book few international tickets. What they did not realise was that it was actually a phishing mail, and the company was about to get trapped into a big scam on travel bookings front.


Corporate Traveller team, when alerted about this request, was able to foresee such a scam. Being the travel experts, they were able to figure out the loopholes and were able to warn the client about the threats and concerns on time. The team’s alertness resulted in them asking appropriate question and raising situational uncertainties which in turn encouraged the client to think from a different perspective.


With vast industry knowledge and the right presence of mind, Corporate Traveller helped Rexnord in avoiding a risky transaction. Their excellent ownership and caring approach led to the organisation in avoiding a situation that would have incurred huge losses. In addition, Corporate Traveller helped consolidate their travel program and bring transparency to their business travel management program.