The Importance of an Interim Travel Policy


With unprecedented times comes the need for flexibility, especially with something as important as travel policy. While the common solution may be changing your travel policy all together, a more practical approach is to implement an interim travel policy – a policy created when a situation changes significantly for a brief period, with the expectation that things are likely to return to normal.

Why is it crucial to create an interim travel policy. With unexpected circumstances, come several reasons to create an interim travel policy. It is also important to consider employees as they are at the heart of the changes that you make. To ensure that changes benefit travellers fully, it it necessary to include them in the policy change process to best understand their needs. 

Since travel policy can be a very detailed document, there are many things to consider when creating an interim policy. We present these in detail along with recommendations specific to COVID-19 and a specific travel policy template to use when you start working on a interim travel policy. 



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