Whether you're looking for a simple solution that gives you complete control or customised tech for more intricate needs, customise your travel tech with our GO and ULTIMATE solutions.


GO tech options are ideal if you like fast, self service travel tech. Log in, manage the details and keep your schedule ticking over whether you're in the air or in the office.


Need more bells and whistles? ULTIMATE options give you the flexibility and scale to implement tech that supports more intricate needs.

Not sure about your tech needs?

Our Expert Technology


Pick CT Go and for a fast, simple booking system that's up in 30 minutes. Need more bells and whistles? Our ULTIMATE booking platform lets you customise, tweak and tailor for all the variables of a complex travel program.


Our mobile app is designed for all travellers and keeps you connected, informed and on schedule when you're on the go.

Safe & Secure

Stay ahead of any disruptions with live travel alerts delivered directly to your inbox and traveller tracking reports you can pull at any time.

Analytics & Reporting

Tap in to our benchmark reports with GO to get all the pedigree info about your spending and travel patterns. Need more? ULTIMATE lets you create custom reporting across a huge range of fields to deep dive into big data.


Give your Accounts Payable team an efficiency boost with Rapid Reconcile. You can also take advantage of expense solutions for travellers.